Shop with confidence with Home123 Mortgage’s Pre-Approval
Certificate. Iit’s much more effective than a simple pre-qualification!

Get Pre-Approved

The pre-approval provides negatiating power and a faster closing. Be sure you have he winning offer on your chosen property .

Get pre-Approved

• Once you’ve found the right loan program, the loan must be approved by a licensed, seasoned underwriter.

1. the underwriter’s role is to ensure that the risk to the lender is acceptable, and then to approve the borrower for the loan that has been presented

2. In addition to reviewing a credit report the lender will confirm that the buyer is not an alias, that they don’t own properties that were not disclosed, and may also perform additionl minor background checks.

3. The next step is recieving your Pre-Approval Certificate.
Happy home shopping!

• If you find a property to purchase but would like to make some changes or upgrades to it, you can also apply for the DreamBuilder Pre-Approval Certificate.

1. The DreamBuilder loan provides you with up to $25,000 for home approvements in combination with Home123’s eligible first mortgage programs.

2. there are no minimum home ownership requirements for pre-existing homes (New residential structures must have been completed and occupied for 90 days.)

3. Rates are fixed for the life of the loan with no pre-payment penalty.

4. What improvements can your loan be used for? Anything that enhances your property – replacement windows, a new roof, an ugraded kitchen or bath, hardwood floors, a new HVAC system, green solutions – so many options!